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Get ready for Father’s Day with some of these skincare tips!

Whenever we talk about lotions, potions and skincare it is considered women’s field of interest…

Should it be so???

Men in general have thicker skin so ages more slowly in comparison to female but still needs caring to keep it looking young and fresh. If using the bar soap in your shower is the only skin routine you have, think again, for a younger looking skin is an asset. Bar soaps generally strip your skin of natural oils making it dull and lifeless.

We really do not need an hour to keep the skin looking healthy. A skin appropriate face wash, sun protection in the morning and a skin appropriate moisturizer is all that is required. Rest assured it takes only ten minutes morning and evening to do so that’s like 1% out of your 24 hour day.young-man2

There are numerous advantages of a basic skin-care routine:

  • Healthy skin is always younger looking, advantageous in your career and social life.
  • Shaving is easier and closer without irritation and ingrown hair. Always shave after the shower as the pores are open and you get a smoother and closer shave.
  • Less prone too adult acne.

Before investing in your products it is important to determine and know your skin type. 

  • Oily skin is generally shiny with enlarged pores and many blackheads and acne. Due the over buildup of oil the skin feels heavy and clogged even if you are not active. Most men with oily skin feel no need to moisturize and believe in washing a few times a day to fight the overproduction of oil but are unsuccessful still. What we don’t understand is that every time we wash and do not compensate for the lost oil, the skin produces more to compensate without knowing how much. Light gel based moisturizes are best suited for oily skin. Face wash with salicylic acid twice a day followed by the moisturizer. This simple routine will help in minimizing the over production of uncontrolled oil. Gentle exfoliants twice a week helps to keep the pores clean and prevents the buildup which causes blackheads and acne. Clay mask followed by exfoliation will also help in the absorption of excess oil. It is always important to use a mineral based Sun protection 30 throughout the year. Choose a sunblock that gives both UVB and UVA protection.
  • Dry skin generally looks rough and dull. Dry skin is more prone to broken capillaries or redness, sun or age spots and dry flaky patches. The pores appear tight and small. Acne or blackheads are rare but not totally absent. Lack of natural oils makes this type of skin more prone to early wrinkles and aging. Creamy and more emollient moisturizers are recommended for dry skin. Exfoliants are clear-skin-male2recommended for use only once a week followed by a hydrating mask. Minimum of SPF 45 is advised throughout the year.
  • Combination skin is oily on the T-zone which is the forehead and nose and dries on the cheeks and chin. It is bit of a challenge to care for such a skin. A light cleanser gel based cleanser will balance the oils and keep the skin feeling fresh. A bit heavier moisturizer during the winters and lighter in the summers is the key to keeping this skin happy. An SPF of 30 is ideal throughout the year. Use of gentle exfoliants with natural beads is recommended twice a year followed by a hydrating mask.
  • Sensitive skin is in-between any of the above mentioned skins and may look inflamed irritated with persistent redness and sensitivity to most fragrant skin care products. This type of skin needs products with hyaluronic acid to keep the skin hydrated and supple. Gentle enzyme masks every other week help to keep the skin exfoliated and calm. A good mineral based sun protection wit SPF 45 or more is very important throughout the year. Sensitive skin is more prone to developing skin conditions like rosacea over time.
  • Acne prone skin, oily skin is generally considered more prone to acne but it is not true always. Genetics play an important role in determining if one may or may not get acne in one’s lifetime, there are other factors too that contribute to the occurrence of acne. Stress, personal hygiene, food habits, etc also contribute to it. Acne can be managed but not cured in most cases.

Along with a good skin routine drinking plenty of water eating fresh fruits and vegetables go a long way in maintaining good skin health in general. Sun is the number one culprit that causes the premature aging and breakdown of collagen. Vitamin C is the natural precursor to the production and maintains the collagen so always include citrus fruits in your diet.

Spring Clean Your Skin!


1. Know Your Skin-Type

Spring is finally here! Spring-Cleaning Season is upon us! Out with winter stuff and in with a new fresh youthful looking-&-feeling you. As a first step to transition your skin from Winter to Spring our professional team at Laser Genesis (LG) start with a Free LG Clinical Assessment of your actual skin type and its immediate and future needs. You might know what your general skin type is – dry, combination, or oily – but there are multiple other factors that are unique to your specific skin type and status that require a more focused assessment, which our skin specialists can provide, in order to help you optimize its health this Spring and year-long.

Once you clearly understand the actual specificities of your skin, together we can administer the proper unique treatments and tips you need to Spring-Clean Your Skin-Care Regimen, and to help you to boost it and maintain its radiance throughout the year.

2. Purge & Clean

Toss any skin products and cosmetics that have reached or exceeded the expiry date, as they can harbour microbes and bacteria and can be harmful to your skin. Certain products such as mascara that is older than 3 months, creams or cosmetics that have changed consistency, colour and/or smell, sunscreens older than one year. 

Wash all your make-up sponges and brushes thoroughly on a weekly basis and let them dry completely. It is wise to invest in high-quality retractable brushes that you can use on-the-go and during travel.

3. Exfoliate to Rejuvenate

Winter leaves your skin dry and flaky. Spring is the perfect time to exfoliate in order to rejuvenate your skin. Slough off the old flaky skin you were hiding behind layers of clothing and revive your skin. A combination of Self-Exfoliation  Home Remedies combined with LG’s Skin-Specific Exfoliation Treatments and Specialized Exfoliation Product Lines will transform and revamp your skin’s vibrance from head to toe.clear-skin-male2

4. Eat to Glow

The mutual effect of the different elements of the human being on each other and on one’s general health was known since Antiquity. The famous Greek philosopher Plato evoked this notion in his proverb “The part can never be well unless the whole is well.” Spring is body detox time! Whereas it is almost impossible, if not entirely so, to eat perfectly natural unprocessed food all the time, your health can greatly benefit from a Spring detox. It is time purge the toxins and prepare for the warm season with super Spring foods, a couple of which are (see below):

Citrus Fruits. All citrus fruits are alkaline in their natural fresh state, and they are packed with a powerful antioxidant: Vitamin C. A glass of hot water with a lemon wedge or even the juice of half a medium-sized lemon or a lime in the morning cleanses and alkalizes your body. Eating a grapefruit, clementine, orange or mandarine  daily can contribute to cleansing your colon and and prevent cancer.

Cruciferous Vegetables. Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage are popular among cruciferous vegetables. In addition to their powerful effect on preventing cancer, they boost liver-detoxifying enzymes and their high fibre content cleanses your colon by naturally stimulating the the elimination process.

5. Spring into Spring

Our LG team of specialists will prescribe the appropriate skin-care routine for your unique skin condition and type and help you choose the best skin-care products which reflect the seasonal changes that come with Spring. the following steps can help you Spring into Spring and transition to a much healthier and younger feeling and looking you:

  • Check-In. Book your Free LG Clinical Assessment as soon as possible, this way you maximize your benefits in terms of an early treatment (the earlier the better for your skin) and LG’s Spring and Easter Services and Skin-care Product Promotions.
  • Exfoliate More. Certain climates may require you to exfoliate more often in the Spring and Summer seasons. Drop us a line, Email us, Chat with us, or Ask us on Facebook. LG’s skin-care specialists are always ready and happy to provide expert advice and best options specifically tailored to your needs.
  • Lighten-Up! Whether you have oily, combination, or dry skin, it is wise to switch to a lighter moisturizer. Higher temperatures result in oilier skin for most, if not all skin-types. If you are still using a thick winter moisturizer that suits your skin condition and type and you wish to finish it rather than waste it, you can lighten it up by mixing it with a couple of orange blossom or rosewater drops and shaking it well in order to homogenize its consistency.
  • Screen to Expose. The brighter the sunshine and the warmer the temperature, the lighter the clothes. This requires you to arm yourself with enough high quality high-SPF UVA and UVB sunscreen to protect your skin, especially in warmer climates, and to make sure you reapply your sunscreen regularly to avoid sunburn, skin damage and aging. Remember to always be very vigilant with your sunscreen regimen, not just in warm weather, but year-round.
  • Flow Like A River. A drop of water in a river never stagnates. It keeps on flowing or can even evaporate or condense back into the river. So should you flow through the day gracefully, always conscious of being active and resting enough. Spring is an open invitation to explore the outdoors, go for hikes, walks, canoe, kayak, or even rock climb if you are up to it. Even if your lifestyle confines you to oscillate between home and office, make time and room for a fun physical activities such as dance, yoga, bowling, a half-hour daily walk. Fun activities increase your metabolic activity, tones your muscles, ultimately relax you, improves your creative intellectual activity, and causes your skin to sweat and rid you of toxins. After a your post workout or activity shower your skin is all refreshed. What a  great feeling!

Let us help you Spring-Clean Your Skin and celebrate your beauty.

Contact us  and book a Free LG Clinical Assessment!

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