Skin “Pick me up” in 30 Minutes

Physical exfoliation buffs and polishes your skin to achieve a healthy glow. It also helps to alleviate fine lines, pigmentation, acne, dull and dry skin. Microdermabrasion is a virtually painless procedure that uses a blend of abrasion and suction to reveal a fresher and a younger looking skin in just one treatment.

Microdermabrasion is considered a perfect way to polish and  sculpt your way back to perfection without any downtime.

The sensation of abrasion and suction of microdermabrasion procedure  is described as an enjoyable massage, it leaves the skin feeling tinglingly alive. An effective treatment before any event to get an instant facelift.

Most men find facials to be too girly with products and fragrances…….microdermabrasion is a mess freel facial that appeals to even the most macho man.

For more information on Microdermabrasion, Click Here.

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