Blu-U Light

Blu-U Light

Blu-U treatment

Blu-U is a great acne treatment that uses light therapy to clear chronic skin conditions. It is an effective and safe skin treatment that doesn’t leave you feeling uncomfortable.

How this process works is the area of skin that is to be treated is fully cleansed first to increase the skin’s absorption ability. Afterwards, it will be exposed to a specially deigned blue light for a certain amount of time. This blue light helps your skin as it destroys acne bacteria and targeted skin cells.

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“Love this place! Mam is so warm and welcoming. I got my acne and acne scars done and saw a huge difference! Definitely going back! Highly Recommend this place!!”

“Anu is an amazing person who truly cares about her clients and their well-being. She never fails to follow-up on me after I have a treatment done and goes above and beyond to ensure that I feel comfortable. Would highly recommend going here for all your skincare needs. She will take good care of you!”

“I’ve been coming here for several months now. Service is impeccable and very friendly. IPL and fractional resurfacing have provided great results so far.”

Blu-U Light FAQs at Laser Genesis Skin Clinic

How does Blu-U light therapy work?
What can I expect following the Blu-U therapy?
Which skin concerns does Blu-U therapy address?
How many treatments are required?
How effective is Blu-U Light?
Will I feel any pain during the treatment?
Are there any side effects?
How many sessions should I attend to see results?

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