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Acne Treatment

If you have been on anti-biotics, tried ALL the counter creams and medications and are STILL fighting persistent acne problems, the Laser Genesis Skin Care Clinic may have a solution for you.

Blu-U Photo Dynamic Levulan therapy may be exactly the right treatment and solution to address your condition and help you in ways you may have likely not considered previously.

Blu-U levulan, also known as a form of PDT (photo dynamic treatment) is a non-invasive simple two step treatment. The two steps involved in providing this treatment are described below.

How BLU U Levulan Treatments are Performed

The treatment involves a skin surface application of Levulan at a level of 20% Aminolevulinic acid hydrochloride.

Each stick comes with 2 ampules: 1 ampule contains Aminolevulinic acid hydrochloride and the other contains diluents.

Two ampules are combined together for each individual and the solution applied with a wet applicator tip.

The Levulan solution is applied over a period of 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the individual’s condition severity.

After this the patient sits under the Blue-light for about 7-10 minutes; again this depends on the acne and skin type.

A mild burning and tingling is usually felt at the time of exposure to the blue light. This only lasts for a few minutes, and the results are always entirely worth the small amount of discomfort you may experience. Depending on the skin sensitivity one can expect to see some redness and itchiness following the PDT Levulan treatment. We recommend to use the Post Procedure Prescription Kit with cortisone moisturizer after the Levulan procedure to minimize any discomfort.

Post Levulan Treatment Guidelines

Following the treatment the patient is instructed to stay away from direct light and avoid the sun for 48 hours.

It is highly important to observe proper skin cleansing procedures and application of appropriate skin moisturizing and sunscreen agents.

The sun damaged spots or acne scars may appear a bit darker and scabby initially.

They will clear out once the peeling is finished revealing a clearer and healthier skin.

For very mild acne, BLU-light treatments can be done without the Levulan application.

The bacteria in the Acne release porphyrins which are naturally occurring substances in the body, arising from the breakdown of haemoglobin in RBC.

The Blue-light is absorbed by the porphyrins thus destroying the bacteria. This stand alone treatment simply involves the patient sitting in front of Blue-light lamp for 10-20 minutes.

Two sessions per week over a 4-week period are usually required to see any significant improvement.

What you can expect from BLU U Levulan Treatment

BLU-light treatments have shown reduction in inflammation and number of pustules and papules. It also helps in destroying the sebaceous glands and a reduction in excessive oiliness is observed.

The Laser Geneis Skin Care Clinic can help you to have clearer and acne free skin. Choose to eliminate your acne problems by contacting us for a free and in-depth consultation to help you find the best solutions.

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