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There are various treatment options available for dealing with cellulite, and the most effective can involve some lifestyle changes which include more fluid intake to flush the toxins and added physical activities on a regular basis.

Although some laser-based options are available for the treatment of cellulite, potentially more effective treatment involves a cellulite body wrap solution which is composed of active fluid algae and a blend of essential oils to regulate body functions, improve blood circulation and reduce muscle stiffness resulting from overuse.

This improves the metabolism and helps in general detoxification through natural drainage. Algae (seaweed) contain 60% water, therapeutic minerals, and phytomers. Algae are also known for their appreciable firming effect and have been shown to regenerate lax tissues. Algae also heighten the elimination process of toxins and waste.

This treatment uses a synergistic blend of fourteen undiluted essential oils like ylang-ylang, sage, lavender, lemon, thyme, cypress, etc. to generate action on the lymphatic system, blood circulation, cutaneous tissues, and adipose masses.

The entire treatment is both relaxing and enjoyable and likely benefits those who possibly need some cleansing and detoxification. After the application of the cellulite cream, the areas to be treated are wrapped in the thermal blanket for half an hour.

The heat from the blanket and the active ingredients produce a slight tingling and cooling effect. The relaxing lymphatic drainage massage is the most enjoyable part of the treatment.

The action of algae and essential oils allows for the better elimination of toxins and waste from cells and tissues. It also helps in the reduction of cellulite localized within the connective tissues.

The algae action results in heightened cellular combustion which discourages toxin and fat storage. The cellulite body treatment also helps in the mobilization of excess liquid that accumulates in body tissues.

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