Laser Genesis Med Spa: Best Skin Care Clinic In Mississauga


All the treatments at the Laser Genesis Skin clinic can be financed through credit medical and medicard. Please find the links of both the companies at the bottom of the page. Note that both companies have the following requirements:


  • Determine how much money you would like to finance.
  • Medicard can finance the entire procedure or purchase, or just a portion. You decide.
  • Medicard can pre-approve an approximate amount. This allows you the flexibility to choose your physician, service provider, procedure, product purchase or procedure date with the comfort of knowing that financing has been confirmed.
  • Choose your ideal terms: 6 months, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 years.
  • In confidence, submit your completed application securely online or by fax to 1-888-689-9862.
  • Medicard will notify you of the credit decision by phone.
  • Medicard will confidentially fax or email the documents to you for signature.
  • You sign and return the documents with a void cheque to Medicard.
  • Medicard pays your doctor or service provider directly.
  • Your monthly payment is electronically debited from your chequing account.

Credit Medical

  • Fill out the application form. It takes only a few minutes to complete it.
  • You can also apply over the phone by calling our toll-free number: 1-800-270-9290.
  • We inform you as quickly as possible that your loan has been approved. As long as you have a good credit rating, approval is virtually assured.
  • Once your loan has been approved, you receive a loan agreement from us. You simply sign it and return it to us along with a photocopy of a void cheque, which we will use for debiting your account.
  • We then notify your doctor of your financing arrangement by sending him/her a form. Your doctor signs it and returns it to us.
  • Your doctor will receive full payment through us, up to three weeks in advance of the procedure. We will then debit monthly payments from your chequing account, according to the terms of your loan.