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Client’s journey through Laser Hair Removal at Laser Genesis Skin Clinic in their own words

I used to do waxing all the time, and I was very hesitant to start laser. Any how I also used to have little black tiny spots on the sides of my legs, a problem I have had since I was a teenager. I also had a very black dark coarse hair.

So for years I have been completely ashamed of my leg appearance, until I went to see Anu at Laser Genesis Skin Clinic on a referral of a co-worker of mine. Anu took me in on a consultation. I expressed my fears and after examining my skin and my coarse hair, as well as my medical history. She felt 100% confident that I would not have a reaction and would be a great candidate for the laser hair removal. Still anxious, Anu assured me that she would in fact be doing the procedure herself, which made me feel better about going in. I decided to take her advice and started treatment within a month of our consultation. I did my bikini, legs, under arms, arms and lower back. I have to say that after 4 treatments, there is an incredible difference. I no longer have thick coarse stubble resembling a man’s leg, but smooth silky skin. I still have one application left. But there is no hair to remove any more.

After I have seen the great results, I asked Anu if we can start removing my facial hair as well as my chest, at the beginning I was scared that it might leave some scars. I have always had to epilate and wax my chin and chest area almost every week. We started the treatments and it has been about 2-3 months since we started, and I have minimal growth. I am very pleased with the results as I do not have to take 30 minutes out of my week every week plus the pain that I had to go through. I wish that I had met Anu years ago during those tough teen years but I am glad I found her now. The price is reasonable, for those of you who spend money on waxing frequently it is worth it. The pain was very minimal if you took Advil. To explain the pain factor it is comparable to a quick rubber band snap. I had zero irritation, and I commend Anu for checking in after each procedure. I would recommend Anu to anyone in search of enhancing their look or taking care of a problem in their appearance. She really takes the time to listen to all of your concerns and address them in the treatments. The most important thing is that my husband is really happy and he loves my new silky skin. Shery (Mississauga)

I have been getting Microdermabrasion (facial skin care) services from Anu based on her recommendation and advice for quite some time and have never had a bad experience. Over time, not only I have come to respect her professional abilities and honest advice, but her genuine desire to know her clients on a personal level. Her work speaks for itself. She knows her thing! When I get Microdermabrasion done, I feel pampered. My skin looks and feels great and I receive many compliments on my skin from friends and co-workers. After Microdermabrasion, my skin looks rejuvenated and completely exfoliated. And, the products she used smelled amazing I recommend any one to use Anu’s services. She practices what she preaches. Look at her, she’s beautiful!” – Shery (Mississauga)

Shery (Mississauga)

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