Black Head Removal

blackhead removal

Blackhead removal treatments consist of microdermabrasion, chemical and enzyme peels, and manual extraction all of which are available treatment options at Laser Genesis Skin Clinic.

Clogged pores with dead skin and oily sebum will become blackheads. Pores look black because they are open and exposed to air, allowing oxidation of melanin inside the hair follicle giving blackheads their distinctive dark colour.

Blackheads are common in people with oily skin. Furthermore, hormonal changes can play a role in excessive oily sebum production resulting in excessive blackheads.

In order to control blackhead formations, proper cleansing of the skin is essential. Furthermore, exfoliant treatments are an effective way to control blackhead formation.

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“Anu Mohan is absolutely brilliant in every sense of the word. She completely changed my skin for the better and was honest and thoughtful throughout the entire process. Thanks to her my skin has gotten and most importantly stayed better. Her product recommendations have always been amazing.”

“Anu is so kind! She asks a lot of background information in order to assess your concern and provide you with options.

I went in to do IPL for some freckles, and I never realized that some of my pigmentation may actually be melasma. She explained the whole IPL process in detail, and ensured she didn’t leave any questions unanswered.

The actual treatment was very quick and easy. She made sure the procedure was tolerable for me.

There are a lot of places that will push you to purchase other things and buy packages just so they can make a sale, which is my biggest pet peeve. Anu gave me the option to purchase 3 IPL treatments upfront for a discounted rate, but I definitely didn’t feel pressured into purchasing it. Would definitely recommend!!!”

“I have been seeing Anu for my skin care for a little over a year now. Along, with being high knowledgeable, Anu spends a great deal of personal time and investment with her clients to ensure their skin care goals are met. One of her most amazing qualities is that she only recommends what she feels you need. Anu is extremely honest with the outcomes of all procedures and what expectations one should have for their unique skin type. I trust her a great deal and have always had a wonderful experience with her.”

Blackhead Removal FAQs at Laser Genesis Medi Spa

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