Post Inflammatory Pigmentation

Skin pigmentation conditions can be a problem for all types of skin. Post-inflammatory pigmentation causes skin darkening and discoloration which can be seen as small spots or large patches on a person’s body. Pigmentation occurs because skin cells that produce melanin evenly across your skin become hyperactive and start producing too much melanin. This process occurs due to an inflammatory reaction to an injury to the skin.

Posts inflammatory pigmentation appears as flat areas of discoloration ranging from pink to red, purple, brown to black depending on the persons’ skin tone and the intensity of inflammation.

It affects both men and women and all ethnic groups equally although it is more common on darker skin tones.
Injuries such as scratches, burns, cuts or bruises are common causes of post-inflammatory pigmentation. Furthermore, rashes and acne of any type can also cause post-inflammatory pigmentation. Acne is one of the major causes of post-inflammatory pigmentation.

Post Inflammatory Pigmentation treatments at Laser Genesis Medi Spa

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