Scar Reduction

scar reduction

Laser Genesis Skin Clinic offers the most successful treatment for scar reduction in Fractional Skin Resurfacing. However, we should first learn what or why does scarring occur?

Scars form when cells on the surface of the skin are injured or damaged causing the breakdown of collagen. As a result, scarring can occur from a cut, burn, puncture, acne, or after a surgical procedure.

Even though the scar tissue is made up of the same protein called Collagen it differs in composition from the normal healthy tissue. Normal healthy collagen fibers are seen as a basketweave formation while in scar tissue the collagen fibers align in a single direction.

The scars can be classified as Hypertrophic when they appear raised red lump on the skin.
They are caused by the overproduction of collagen. They are usually seen 4-8 weeks after the incidence following the infection and do not grow beyond this time.

Keloidscars can be seen on anyone but are more frequently seen on people with darker skin. These are more serious kinds of scars as they can grow indefinitely taking a tumorous form. They are seen usually after surgery, body piercing, acne or any sort of injury.

Atrophic scars are caused due to the breakdown of underlying collagen or fat taking a sunken or pitted appearance. This is the common kind of scars seen on people suffering from acne, small pox or any other kind of injury.

Although only aesthetic in nature the scars can affect an individual psychologically. The scars cannot be erased completely but there is an improvement in scar reduction over time. A variety of treatment options are available today to soften and improve the extent of scarring. Laser Skin Resurfacing, Microdermabrasion, Peels being a few which can improve the scars.


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“Anu is so kind! She asks a lot of background information in order to assess your concern and provide you with options.

I went in to do IPL for some freckles, and I never realized that some of my pigmentation may actually be melasma. She explained the whole IPL process in detail, and ensured she didn’t leave any questions unanswered.

The actual treatment was very quick and easy. She made sure the procedure was tolerable for me.

There are a lot of places that will push you to purchase other things and buy packages just so they can make a sale, which is my biggest pet peeve. Anu gave me the option to purchase 3 IPL treatments upfront for a discounted rate, but I definitely didn’t feel pressured into purchasing it. Would definitely recommend!!!”

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