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Acne is also an incidence of the years passed by. Still, its occurrence within the past is visible even today within the variety of acne scar that’s left as indented skin, red or dark pigmentation. Only some lucky ones escape with smooth, clear skin and no acne scar.

With the advancement in aesthetic dermatology, there are now many varieties of acne scar treatments available. These treatments address various sorts of depressed and post-inflammatory hyperpigmented scars.

Ice Pick Acne Scars

Ice pick acne scars appear as deep narrow indentations within the skin as if the surface has been punctured with an ice pick. Being deep in nature, these sorts of scars are the foremost difficult to treat. The breakdown of collagen causes scars and also because of the inflammation caused by acne bacteria.

Although difficult to treat ice pick scars respond well to the Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing treatment. The majority see excellent results with 4-5 treatments. Additional maintenance treatments are also required.

Boxcar Acne Scars

Breakdown of collagen because of the injury from the formation of acne causes large boxlike depressed acne scars. Boxcar acne scars are more comfortable to treat as critical ice pick acne scars.

Light-based laser acne scar treatments work well. Together with Fractional Skin Resurfacing procedures, medium depth chemical peels are effective too to handle boxcar variety of scars.

Filler injections also help to attenuate the looks to boxcar scars if only some scars are to be treated. Within the incidence of the scars affecting the whole cheek or more significant area laser and intense pulsed light-based treatments, is that the best choice.

Rolling Acne Scars

Softer acne scar appearing as rolling hills and valleys are easier to treat as compared to ice pick or boxcar scars.

Fractional Skin Resurfacing, IPL Photo-facial, Chemical peels, and microdermabrasion give very promising results for acne scar treatment of rolling scars.

Post Inflamimatory Hyperpigemtation (PIH)

Following acne flare-up, PIH is the most typical variety of acne scars. This sort of injury is more of a problem for people of ethnic backgrounds, although not limited to.

This type of scarring is the easiest to treat and respond excellent to mild chemical and enzyme peels. Microdermabrasion is an excellent treatment for PIH. Appropriate home care that inhibits the melanocyte activity gives excellent results when combined with in-clinic therapies.

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