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Bring new life to your skin complexion and improve the results of your treatment products just by
adding an Exfoliant to your skin care ritual…
Scrubs and exfoliant foster the natural shedding of dead skin cells.

Benefits of Exfoliation

The skin is constantly changing and evolving with the generation of new skin cells in the lower
layers of our skin. This renewal process takes place every twenty eight. As we mature this process
takes up to forty five days causing the pores to be filled with keratin or dead skin cells. This process
of keratinization on the skins surface leaves the skin looking dry, rough and dull.

Exfoliation assists the skins natural shedding of dead cells to reveal fresher and younger looking
skin. It helps with tightening of the pores and prevent acne breakouts.

Exfoliation routine for different skin types:

Oily & Acne prone Skin
Although you may be tempted to exfoliate daily, be mindful that the skin will compensate for the
loss of oils by producing more oils. Limit your exfoliation to no more than every other day and do
not forget to use a moisturizer for your skin type.

Product recommendations for oily skin
Clayton Shagal AHA Scrub
AlumierMD AHA Renewal Serum
AlumierMD Bright & Clear Solution

Sensitive Skin
Gentle exfoliants are best suited for sensitive skin to slough off the dead cells. Chemical exfoliant
should be avoided. Once a week exfoliation is recommended for sensitive skin. Do not forget to use
a calming moisturizer after the exfoliation

Product recommendations for sensitive skin
Clayton Shagal Oat bran Scrub
AlumierMD Lotus Scrub
Corpa Flora Rock’N Rose + Beauté Divine

Dry Skin
Dry skin lacks oil and needs help to stimulate the production of oil. Mechanical exfoliation should
be avoided on dry skin as it leads to microtears. Gentle Glycolic acid exfoliant are best suited for dry
skin to effectively treat and regenerate new skin. Exfoliating two to three times a week is sufficient
for dry skin.
Product recommendations for Dry Skin
Clayton Shagal Bamboo & Honey Exfoliant
Clayton Shagal AHA Mask
AlumierMD Enzymatic Peel

Normal Skin
A well balanced skin is a blessing and needs as much love and care as any other skin type.
Exfoliation is essential to maintain healthy skin and should be done no more than three times a
week. Always use an appropriate moisturizer after exfoliation.

Product recommendations for normal Skin
Clayton Shagal AHA Scrub
AlumierMD Bright & Clear Solution
AlumierMD Enzymatic Peel

How often should you exfoliate your body?
You should exfoliate the body same way as you do your face to keep your skin soft and healthy.
Polish and puff your body two or three times a week depending on your skin type. Make sure to
exfoliate and spend extra time on the areas that you shave constantly. This helps to loosed the hair
follicle and minimize the ingrown hair and achieve closer shave.
Product recommendations
Corpa Flora Corpa Cera+
Corpa Flora Corpa Nutritive

Professional treatment recommendations
Chemical peels
Enzyme Facials
All of these treatments can be done alone or customized for your skin needs. What ever your skin type always use Sunscreen after.

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