IPL Photo-facial


Cynosure ICON IPL Photo-facial

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Photo-facials is a light-based treatment used to treat pigmentation, age spots, diminishing broken capillaries, and more. Photorejuvenation is a choice of many individuals to maintain skin health and keep it looking young and radiant.

It is a safe, quick, and non-invasive lunchtime treatment with practically no downtime. Photorejuvenation uses a controlled blast of remarkably intense light of a safe and specific wavelength which stimulates the collagen-producing cells for healthier and plumper skin.

If you have a variety of different goals such as younger-looking skin, faded brown spots, fewer facial veins, and less rosacea, then IPL Photo-facials is an excellent choice for you. The number of IPL Photo-facials will depend on the condition being treated and the kind of results you want. Moreover, IPL Photo-facials also require regular skincare routine provided to you by your aesthetician.

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