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As we age, we notice the appearance of fine lines and sagging of the skin. We can blame it on gravity and breakdown of Collagen and Elastin, which form the foundation for healthy skin. How we age will depend on genetics to some extent and, for the most part, to your lifestyle.

Web of fine lines starts to appear as we age. Sun is the biggest culprit in the breakdown of collagen. We must protect our skin by avoiding it and using proper sun protection.

Collagen is a kind of protein and the primary component that gives our skin its structure. Production of Collagen by fibroblast cells present in the dermis, and it continues to provide, throughout our lives, although the quality and quantity differ as we age.

We know skin is the largest organ of our body and protects all others from environmental trauma. The best way to keep it looking healthy is to exercise it just as we do the rest of us. What we mean by exercise our skin is to exfoliate. When we peel, not only it renews our skin cells, it helps in the production of more collagen to compensate for the trauma caused.

While specific treatments increase collagen production, there is not a global product or a procedure that will ultimately restore the balance of structural proteins to the content younger skin had. Some of the advanced laser procedure helps in restoring some of the lost collagen in the skin by stimulating the sluggish fibroblast cells that are responsible for the production of collagen.

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