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Telangiectasias are superficial veins which have become dilated. They mainly occur on the face and legs, but they can be found on other areas of the body. These thin veins are usually a purplish or bluish in colour and can be in either a linear, branched or spider-shaped pattern. On the legs they are often referred to as spider veins, and are often associated with burning or itching sensations. There are many causes of spider veins or other superficial veins including heredity, pregnancy, excess weight, aging, and sun-exposure.

Laser Genesis is now offering a treatment for these unsightly, uncomfortable veins. Leg Vein Clearance is now possible using Palomar’s Lux 1064 technology. 1064nm wavelength light beams from the laser work by targeting the hemoglobin within the vessel, producing heat. This heat cases the blood vessel walls to constrict, it will the shrink and fade from view.

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