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Maskne – Side effects of wearing a mask

Acne caused by wearing a mask is called Maskne! No doubt we have to follow the norms today to keep ourselves safe from novel Covid-19 Virus, the condition can be managed and prevented by following home care and professional treatments.

For the skin on our face it means bacteria lurking under the mask that causes irritation and breakouts.

Maskne !!! A condition that occurs when wearing a mask!

Things and days may feel same for most part as we continue to stay home or work from home and socially distance in the COVID 19 year, still something has changed: it’s now mandatory to wear a face covering or MASK.

What does this mean for your SKIN?

Unfortunately for the skin on our face it means bacteria lurking under the mask that causes irritation and breakouts. Some people are experiencing skin irritations, contact dermatitis, allergic reactions and also maskne or acne.

Why is it happening?

Masks trap moisture, sweat, oil and dirt close to our skin when we breathe or talk into the mask. This changes the pH of our skin and results in the overgrowth of bacteria, inflamed hair follicles, flare up of rosacea and compromised skin barrier. So the most important thing is to keep the skin clean and dry. Once the skin barrier becomes compromised, the skin can’t maintain proper hydration inside nor provide adequate protection from external bacteria and yeast. Additionally, the moist, warm environment trapped inside the mask favours their growth.

What to do ?

Our recommendation would be to wear a cotton mask of several layers. These kind of masks will be less irritating and preferably to save on make up and invest in medical grade skincare. Make it a habit to wash the mask after every use If possible. Wash the mask with a gentle soap under hottest water possible and highest heat setting to dry. Adding a bleach alternative to hot water will add extra boost of clean. One table spoon of hydrogen peroxide can be used as an added anti bacterial. It is also environmentally friendly.

Laser Genesis Product recommendations:

Beauté Divine cleansing oil helps to keep the pores clean for all skin types. However if you have Rosacea and sensitive skin we would recommend sensitive version of this cleansing oil.
Corps Cera + liquid balm is soothing for the irritation caused by the mask.
Antidote 03 combined with Antidote HB5 hyaluronic acid serum are anti-inflammatory and help to heal and hydrate the affected areas.
AHA Renewal Serum is great for oily and acne prone skin. 8% Lactic Acid gently removes dead skin layers and speed cell turnover. Alatonin, sodium hyaluronate and B5 hydrate , while green tea extract and arnica soothe the skin.
HydraLight moisturizer is loaded with powerful peptides, antioxidants and soothing ingredients. It is a light moisturizing formula that nourishes and improves skin texture.

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