Reasons to invest in your skin

Reasons To Invest In Your Skin

28 Nov 2019

Reasons to invest in your skin

What the wise one once said:

The trick is to age honestly and gracefully and make it look great, so that everyone looks forward to it – Emma Thompson.

We all are born with beautiful glowing skin and it is upto us to be complimented on it. Life gets to us and we forget the essential obligations we have towards our own self. Its not our mission to educate you here but just to make you more aware of the benefits.

Reasons to invest:

  • To make a great first impression
  • Reflects your inner health
  • Protects against environmental stress
  • Maintains and regulates our body temperature
  • Helps in absorption

In today's electronic social atmosphere where communicating through text seems to be the norm even when sitting across from each, the body language or facial expressions may not hold any merit...personally I am still drawn to the smiling invite to engage in any conversation. Without being judgmental or prejudiced who does not want to engage in a conversation with a beautiful face (women and men ) both included. With just a split-second glance at a person's face, we draw conclusions about her leadership skills, vigor, and intelligence.

There is a lot of talk about inner beauty. Our skin can truly manifest and warn of what may be going on in our body. To a skin therapist SKIN talks, it has a language of it own if we pay attention. We will be touching briefly on some of the common skin concerns we see in our daily lives in this post and over the time discuss each one in detail.

Acne is one of the most common skin concerns and most of us have suffered from it at one time or another. Few lucky ones are done with it just as the hormones settle in after the onset of puberty. If the acne persists for a longer time it sure is an indication of internal hormonal imbalance. Dry flaky patches in-spite of use of regular moisturizer indicate to the possibility of diabetes or of thyroid issues. Other skin concern that may be associated with diabetes is itchiness due to the flaky skin. Rashes are common and most of the time neglected and we just hope for them to disappear within couple of days, and in some cases they do disappear. If the rash continues it could be due to some infection or drug allergy.

Constant redness around the eyes or on the cheeks with or without itchiness could be an indication of an autoimmune disorder called Lupus. Lupus not only affects skin it also affects kidneys, liver, oral cavity or our joints.

Pigmentation is also common and it could be due to inflammation, hormonal disorder or over exposure to UV radiation. Overexposure to sun leads to melanoma one of the major reasons for the loss of our dear ones along with leaving our skin looking leathery and wrinkly.

Our Skins Barrier is pretty amazing in the ways that its protects us from the damaging environmental pollutants like UV rays and Free Radicals. It keeps our bodies well hydrated by locking in the moisture and producing sebum. All of this is possible only if the barrier is functioning well. It is extremely important to use a good Broad Spectrum Sun Protection 365 days, rain or shine. Skin also protects the body’s internal living tissues and organs by protecting against invasion by infectious organism.

We take our skin for granted and looking after it is sometimes considered vanity but actually it has pretty amazing functions. The inner layer of skin called Dermis controls the body temperature through the production of sweat and its evaporation. Cool huh !!!!

Among many other, listed here and otherwise, attributes of skin it helps us with knowing when to move away or touch objects that may be too hot or cold thus protecting us from injury.

Healthy SKIN is hydrated, plump and firm at all ages and is never outdated. It is an investment and all it needs a little bit of LOVE.

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