Acne Chemical Peels

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Acne Chemical Peels

acne treatments mississauga, acne chemical peels mississauga, skin care mississaugaChemical skin peels involve the use of mild acids to rejuvenate the facial skin and are an excellent option for the treatment of dry skin, acne prone skin , sun damaged skin and mild wrinkles.

The types of acids used are usually either AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) or TCA (tricholoro acetic acid).

AHAs are a group of fruit acids or food acids whose dermatological use dates back to ancient times.

Either type of acid may be used as a skin peeling agent and are usually applied in varying formulations or concentrations.

Depending on the concentrations, the peels can be categorised as light, medium or deep peel. As a consequence, the deeper the peel, the longer it will take for the skin to heal and reveal the treatment results.

AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) Skin Peels

Alpha hydroxy acids work by breaking the chemical bond of glue (Desmasomes) that hold the dead layer together. This is a natural process which slows down as we age, thus making our skin look dull and dehydrated.

By applying these exfoliating agents we speed up the natural process of skin renewal. After the peeling of dead skin the renewed skin appears healthier and smoother.

Glycolic Acids can be isolated from natural sources like sugar cane, apples, milk and various other food sources.

Glycolic acid facial peels have mild exfoliating properties and work well to improve dry rough skin and promote collagen growth.

Because these acids are mild in nature, multiple treatments are normally required to achieve the desired results.

Enhanced Jessners Peels from PCA advanced skin care system are innovative and are available in light to medium depth formulas. They are blends of Lactic, citric, salicylic acids and Resorcinol.

These acids have bleaching and pigment inhibiting properties. These peels also help to repair, acne breakouts and control the oil production.Enhanced Jessner formulations soften fine lines and provide a more even , smoother skin texture.

At the Laser Genesis Skin Clinic we offer three different formulas to cover virtualy every client’s individual need.

TCA (Tricholoro Acetic Acid) Facial Peels

skin rejuvenation mississauga toronto, acne treatment oakville, pigmentation mississaugaTCA peels are often considered as highly aggressive and producing substantial discomfort and redness. However, PCA professional TCA peels are very different with almost no downtime; they are blends of lactic acid, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), plumping phytohormones, and kojic and azelaic acids. Different concentrations and formulations are available to treat multiple skin types ranging from resilient to sensitive and virtually all ethnic skin types. TCA peels help to correct and soften deep wrinkles,acne scars,smoker’s skin, pigment disorders and control acne. These types of chemical peels are also an ideal choice for treating dehydrated and aging skin in need of rejuvenation. It is an excellent choice for people dealing with Rosacea. Retinol, Salicylic Acid and Detoxifying treatments are also available to correct and prevent Free Radical damage. Chemical skin peels work well in conjunction with Microdermabrasion, Skin Resurfacing and Intense Pulsed Light Skin Rejuvenation treatments.

Frequently asked questions?

A chemical peel is usually performed to improve wrinkles and aged skin, including the fine lines around the mouth, the cheeks. It usually provides a somewhat smoother and more youthful look to the skin.

It is likely not effective for extremely heavy wrinkling or loose, saggy skin, but is commonly used to decrease brown spots associated with aging or melasma, as well as treating acne.

A clinical chemical peel is conducted when fine lines in the skin become annoying and warrant the procedure. A chemical peel may be used to remove scaly growths and pre-cancerous skin produced by sun damage.

As with any medical procedure, there is always some potential risk, but this is likely minimal or non-existent with any Chemical peels. There may be a slight burning sensation which may persist for a few minutes and this can vary depending upon the intensity of the treatment.

It is likely that there will be improvement, but not complete removal or elimination of all fine lines and wrinkles of the face. The results depend both on the individual and the nature of the treatment as well as frequency.

After a chemical skin peel has been performed, a moisturizer is applied to the treated area. The skin feels dry after the treatment and it will be necessary to keep the skin well hydrated.

The skin will likely peel over the next few days to as long as a week after the treatment. For the lighter peels, any redness or peeling generally lasts only a few hours to perhaps a few days.

Complications are uncommon with any form of chemical peel, however, they are still possible. The most common of these complications is a temporary increase in pigmentation. This generally resolves with time. Rare complications are deep peeling in small areas.
It is important that you inform your skin therapist of your history and especially if you are currently experiencing any particular viruses.