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Botox Mississauga, Skin rejuvenation mississauga, injectables oakville, skin tightening torontoWhen making a decision as important as getting a Botox treatment, ensure that you go to a facility where the treatments are performed by a licensed physician.

This is important for receiving consistent results and that the treatments are conducted by the same physician each time.

At the Laser Genesis Skin Care clinic, only a qualified physician is allowed to perform the treatments. The physician is aware of the fears and anxieties of the clients, and time is spent with each client to explain the procedure and understand their needs.

It is important to establish realistic expectations from the treatment. Botox Cosmetic is a simple non-surgical treatment for the improvement of dynamic wrinkles that are formed over the years. There is no downtime to the treatment and all normal activities can be resumed following the treatment.

The actual substance used is a highly purified protein derived from the Clostridium Botulinum bacteria. Due to its very pure form, there is no pre-treatment testing required. Botox Cosmetic is used to treat the upper third of the face, although other areas like neck or cheeks may be treated to enhance the facial contours.

Botox Mississauga, Skin rejuvenation mississauga, injectables oakville, skin tightening torontoBotox Mississauga, Skin rejuvenation mississauga, injectables oakville, skin tightening toronto





Botox is administered in small doses via very fine needles under the muscles that cause the wrinkles and lines. This prevents the nerve impulses to reach the muscles and thus relaxes them and prevents the formation of facial expressions that initially caused the lines to appear.

Treatment Effect Duration and Frequency of Injections Over time the appearance of lines is softened as the muscles remain relaxed. The effect of the treatment lasts from three to five months depending on the individual. It is not mandatory to continue with the Botox treatments. They can be stopped and resumed as desired.

It is, however, recommended to continue with the treatments at the proper time to see the desired improvement in the lines and wrinkles. Botox injections also effectively treat excessive sweating in the armpits or palms and can be a helpful treatment option for people suffering from migraine headaches.

A Botox injection is never administered in the presence of infection at the proposed injection site due to the potential complications. With respect to side effects, these are infrequent, but in rare cases, some localized inflammation, redness, swelling or bruising may be noticed. Other possible side effects can include temporary eyelid droop or possible nausea.

Frequently asked questions?

Botox Injectables relax the muscles which cause facial <a class="c-y" href="">lines</a> and unwanted facial expressions. At times, the appearance of these lines can make you look angry or unhappy conveying wrong impressions to the people you meet. The treated muscles start to relax within a day or two.

It is not only the muscular activity that causes the appearance of all facial lines and wrinkles. Some of the lines and wrinkle are caused by natural aging process and some may be caused by over exposure to the sun. Wrinkles and fine lines are also made worse by smoking. All these types of wrinkles and lines can be smoothed with Botox and other fillers.

Botox treatments are safe and gentle. A very fine needle is used to administer the Botox into the desired muscles. All usual activities can be resumed soon after the treatment. No sedation or local anesthetic is required.

It is very important to exercise the treated muscles for the two hours following the Botox treatment. Frown, squint, smile and raise the eyebrows to properly exercise all the muscles.

Do not touch or rub the treated areas until two hours after the Botox treatment. It is to your benefit not to lie down for next two hours so that the injected material does not shift and spill over into undesired areas. This reduces the effects of the injection to the intended areas.