Black Head Removal

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Black Head Removal

black head removal, skin care mississauga, black head removal mississaugaClogged pores with dead skin and oily sebum will become blackheads. Pores look black because they are open and exposed to air, allowing oxidation of melanin inside the hair follicle giving blackheads their distinctive dark colour. Blackheads are common in people with oily skin. Furthermore, hormonal changes can play a role in excessive oily sebum production resulting in excessive blackheads.

In order to control blackhead formations, proper cleansing of the skin is essential. Furthermore, exfoliant treatments are an effective way to control blackhead formation. Consequently, treatments to remove blackheads consist of microdermabrasion, chemical and enzyme peels, and manual extraction all of which are available treatment options at Laser Genesis Skin Clinic.

Frequently asked questions?

Microdermabrasion is one of the most effective methods to get rid of blackheads. Chemical peels, enzyme facials are also good choice for the removal of blackheads.

The products you use at home help in maintain the results of the in office treatments, but when done alone they are not deep enough to clean the pores completely.

Typically a microdermabrasion treatment can be done as frequently as every three weeks initially. As the condition improved they can be spaced out at longer intervals.

Aluminum crystals caused gentle abrasion which loosens the debris in the pores and the vacuum in the microdermabrasion gently pulls out the loosened debris from the pores.