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An abnormal buildup of blood vessels on or under the surface of the skin is called a hemangioma. A hemangioma of the skin may look like a red coloured birthmark and may protrude from the skin. Hemangiomas of this kind frequently appear on the face, neck and behind the ears. They often look painful, but hemangiomas rarely cause any discomfort. Furthermore, hemangiomas are usually small but can grow to be quite large. Sometimes they grow in internal organs such as the liver, larynx, or small and large intestines.

Frequently asked questions?

At present it is unknown as to what causes the appearance of hemangiomas however in certain cases they may be formed during gestation.

Generally the concern with hemangiomas is mainly aesthetic if present on the skin.

The treatments include injections of corticosteroids by the physician or they are very easily treated by the lasers.

mall cherry hemangiomas can be removed with one to two laser treatments. Rarely they be zapped a third time.

The treated hemangiomas turn grey for a few days before they are completely gone.