Pore Size Reduction

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Pore Size Reduction

Pores are openings for your hair follicles in the skin. Pores can be small and unnoticeable or they can be large and visible to cause individuals to distress about the way their skin looks. The large and visible pores are referred to as “enlarged pores”. Furthermore, these enlarged pores sometimes cause individuals to have blackheads.

Various reasons cause the pore size to become enlarged. First, higher hormonal levels during puberty trigger the production of a more oily substance called sebum from the pores causing the pore to naturally increase in size around the time of puberty. Second, genetics also affect and contribute to pore size enlargement. Individuals with naturally oily skin tend to have large pores since they produce oilier sebum. Lastly, pore size also increases with age because of the degeneration of collagen and elastin structure around pores resulting in the widening of pore size.

Frequently asked questions?

There are various options available to address enlarged pores, Microdermabrasion, peels and laser all work well to reduce the Poresize.

At the time of initial consultation appointment we analyze the skin under a digital analyzer to determine the skin and there after we customize the treatment plan for you.

Sometimes a combination of various treatments gives the best results.

This is not a condition that will disappear with one time treatment. Regular exfoliation keeps the pores clean thus tightening the pores and minimizing their size.

Good at home skin care will enhance the results of professional treatments.